Self Drive Africa

Travel Tips


Here are some handy travel tips when travelling on a Self Drive Safari in Africa:

    1. May to September is the Southern Hemisphere winter, ensure you have warm clothes for the evenings
    2. October to April is the Southern Hemisphere summer, this brings with it wonderful rain storms and spectacular lightning, use of an umbrella is not reccomended in this situation
    3. Choose light and neutral colours for your clothing and pack comfortable shoes for your trip
    4. Ensure your doctor prescribes prophylaxis before your trip
    5. Use Tabard or Peaceful Sleep to avoid insect bites, it is recommended that you keep all skin covered in the evenings to protect against mosquito bites
    6. The sun can be damaging to your skin and eyes, please bring adequate sun protection including Creams and protective headwear and good quality sunglasses
    7. Drink plenty of water, this will protect you against dehydration and keep you alert
    8. Under no circumstances swim in any inland waterways, Crocodiles are prevalent in Africa
    9. Do not drive at night, even on open roads. Pedestrians, Domestic and Wild Animals use the road at night
    10. In Urban areas Petty Crime is prevalent, always make sure your vehicle is locked and you have your valuables and important documents with you
    11. When in wilderness areas, do not exit your vehicle unless in a demarcated area like a campsite
    12. You will often have wild animals pass through your camp in wilderness areas. Please treat all animals as dangerous and do not approach or feed them
    13. Please ensure you check the Visa requirements for all countries you intend to visit, it will same time and money if done in advance
    14. Never have citrus fruit in your vehicles, Elephants love these and will often damage your vehicle trying to eat the fruit
    15. Self Drive Camping vehicles are not designed to be driven fast, enjoy Africa and keep to the designated speed limits
    16. Enjoy Yourself!! Africa is fascinating and works at a different pace to other continents

Laura and the Self Drive Africa team wish to make your Adventure a memorable one, please do not hesitate to ask any questions

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