Self Drive Africa

Sample Route – 12 Day Cry of the Kalahari

12 Day Self Catering Itinerary – Cry of the Kalahari

Duration 12 Days
Type – Self Drive Camping (Chalets at Extra Cost)

4×4 Rental

Countries – South Africa, Botswana
Frequency – Tailor Made to your Requirements

Experience the wonder of the Central Kalahari

Experience the wonder of the Central Kalahari

Day 1 Johannesburg to Khama Rhino Sanctuary (Botswana)
The reserve is located in open Kalahari thornveld. It is used for the breeding of antelope species and other mammals for the stocking of reserves throughout the province. There is an extensive network of roads which are accessible to motorists in most vehicles. We recommend that you try and stay at Sentry Bush camp which has the most majestic views.
Camping or Chalets

Day 2 Khama Rhino Sanctuary to Deception Valley in the central Kalahari

Today you will enter the majestic and spectacular Central Kalahari Game Reserve. One of the largest reserves in the world you will be entranced by its beauty and solitude. Deception Valley is set in a huge fossil river that flowed approximately 16,000 years ago. The area attracts large concentrations of wildlife and you may be luck enough to come across the famous black maned Lions of the Kalahari.

Day 3 Deception Valley and surrounds

You will spend a nice relaxing day exploring the areas around deception valley and will visit Sunday Pan and Leopard pan in search of the elusive big cats and other wonderful species like the Bat Eared Fox.

Day 4 Deception Valley to Piper Pan

Today you will leave deception valley and head west to Piper Pan. This is a leisurely drive of around 95 Km but will take you through some magnificent countryside and it is recommended that you stop for Lunch at Letaiahau Pan. This pan is a permanent water source so the chances of seeing wildlife are very good and you will need to be careful as there are often lions in the camp.

Day 5 Piper Pan Lazy day

You may want to relax today and watch the wildlife milling around the camp as though you were not there. The concentration of wildlife in this area means you will have rich and varied sightings without having to travel far. Take a book with you down to the waters edge and make sure you have your cameras at the ready as you never know what natures wonders will throw at you. At the end of the day the spectacular sunset over the pan is not to be missed.

Day 6 Piper Pan to Xaxa Camp

Today is going to be a tough day; you will travel through some very taxing terrain and need to retain your sense of humor and sense of adventure. The driving will be difficult and monotonous through the sand and by the end of the day you will have earned your stripes in sand driving and will appreciate the beer around the campfire later that evening. You will follow the fossil river bed of Okwa and the turn off into the Xaxa Camp to spend a nice evening under the stars

Day 7 Xaxa to Bape Camp

Again you will be in for a challenge as you set of towards Bape camp early in the morning. You should arrive there around midday and set up camp whilst enjoying the solitude and peacefulness around you. This wildlife in this area is sparse but you should always keep an eye out for predators. The stars in the sky are what make this a special place as you may be the only people for hundres of Kilometers.

Day 8 Bape Camp to Khutse

A wonderful drive lies ahead as you will pass through relatively easy terrain and also you will pass through a few of the last remaining San Villages in the Kalahari. It is definitely worth taking the time to interact with these very unique and beautiful people of the desert. After crossing a large Sand Dune you will enter the Khutse Game reserve which is markedly different from the Kalahari in that it is part of an ancient river system that has left many pans and dry river beds as it dried up. The wildlife in this area is magnificent.

Day 9 Khutse Rest & Recuperation

Today you will wander around the Khutse Pans, heading south towards the Molose Pan where you stand a chance of seeing Lion and the very rare and endangered African Painted Dog. You can cross the tropic of Capricorn en route to Moreswe Pan and stop and one of the vacant campsites for a light lunch. You head around the eastern part of the reserve and back to your camp at Khutse for a sundowner and to enjoy the beauty of the African sunset.

Day 10 Khutse to Botsalano Reserve (South Africa)

You will leave the vast wilderness of the Kalahari and start heading back to South Africa and crossing the border at Ramatlabama Border post before heading into the Botsalano Reserve and setting up camp at the Sentry Hill Campsite. This wonderful little reserve has a variety of wildlife to see.

Day 11 Botsalano Reserve

As this is your last day in the wilderness you can relax and drive around the reserve or just mill around your campsite and appreciate the fantastic sights and sounds you have just experienced or your trip.

Day 12 Botsolano to Johannesburg

Sadly you have to wave good bye to the African wilderness and head back to the bright lights of Johannesburg. This relatively easy drive will have you back in Johannesburg by lunch time where we will receive the vehicle back from you and deliver you to the Airport in time for your flight home. If required we can arrange a B&B locally where you can freshen up prior to your flights home.