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Botswana 2016 – Memories

Having just returned from an exciting and adventurous 4 week trip to Botswana we are now sorting through our many photos and reliving the many moments of fun and games we had.  We will post a few photos here and on our facebook page for you before we write our full trip reporZAM_5350
ZAM_5369 ZAM_5408 ZAM_5410 ZAM_5429 ZAM_5430 ZAM_5455 ZAM_5486 ZAM_5487 ZAM_5571 ZAM_5671 ZAM_5765 ZAM_5940 ZAM_5948 ZAM_5958 ZAM_5961 ZAM_6015 ZAM_6027 ZAM_6053 ZAM_6056 ZAM_6068 ZAM_6070 ZAM_6074

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